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The Illumoscope™ brings illumination and photographic capabilities to your IPhone!

What is Illumoscope™?
The Illumoscope™ and it accessories are all about bringing new and unique lighting and magnification capabilities to your iPhone allowing you to take pictures and videos like never before.  Simply snap on the Illumoscope's™ case and you've instantly converted your iPhone into an illuminated macro photography camera, a digital microscope, view scope and short range borescope.  Because of the reversible case, at work, home or hobby, you'll always have the power of the Illumoscope™ at your fingertips!   View our Kickstarter Campaign!

The Illumoscope Story:
Inspiration can come to anyone at almost any time.  Rhea Gage first conceived of the Illumoscope™ almost four years ago while explaining her daily challenges and frustrations as an audiologist to her brother Lee during a long car ride.  Her simple idea was that people should somehow have the ability to look into their own ear, and not have to rely on someone else for such a basic and somewhat embarrassing task.  She thought, ”what if there was a simple attachment to an every day device such as a webcam or mobile phone that would allow them to do just that?”.  During the car ride Rhea and Lee sketched out the device on some scrap paper and a working prototype was developed just a few days later.  It was instantly clear that the device she came up was very cool and much more versatile than she originally envisioned.  But then the realization came that the hard part:  How does an ordinary person with limited resources make a new product available to everyone? 
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