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Custom Ear Plugs & Molds in Raleigh, NC

Hearing and Audiology Services is the company that you can trust for quality custom ear molds in Raleigh. What helps professional musicians protect their hearing during performances in Raleigh? Custom ear molds by Hearing and Audiology Services allow them to hear even the subtlest differences between notes.

Raleigh Musician Ear Plugs & Molds
Professional musicians have chosen custom ear plugs & molds for on-stage monitoring for years. Now any musician can experience the difference that custom ear molds make. Come see Hearing and Audiology Services for musician ear molds in Raleigh!

Raleigh Hunters’ Ear Molds
Hunting is a precision recreation activity that requires the highest-quality gear and steadfast concentration. Custom ear molds & plugs for hunters can be used to help amplify ambient sounds and reduce loud noises, such as gunfire. Custom ear molds for hunting can increase shooters' chances of detecting the subtle movements of game while protecting their hearing. 

Hunter, Custom Ear Molds in Raleigh, NC

Custom Ear Molds
There are many applications for custom ear molds. Below are some other examples of people who can benefit from using custom ear molds:

   Swimmers—Keep water out while you're doing laps with custom ear molds. 
   IPod Users—Get the best sound from your favorite device!
   Cell Phone Users—Custom ear molds work great with hands-free technology. 
   In-the-Ear Monitor Users—Media editors and music producers love custom ear molds. 
   Many More!

Take your profession or recreation to the next level with custom ear molds! Raleigh has trusted
Hearing and Audiology Services for over 27 years. Contact us today to schedule your custom ear mold fitting!
We are proud to serve Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, Durham, Morrisville, Garner, Knightdale, and Clayton, North Carolina.